Welcome! This site is my little corner of the internet, you’ll find product reviews, technology talks and anything else of interest to me (and hopefully you).


I’m a big fan of Photography, I’m no professional but enjoy it as a hobby, when I get time, I’m currently using a Sony a68, great camera, I have started sharing photos that I think others might on Pexels, Go check them out!


When I was younger I spent days code static HTML & CSS, today’s web technology has changed so much, it’s just amazing! however, I didn’t design this site, but I wish I did!


I love movies, SCI-FI’s are just so good, they take me to another world, and I just cant get enough of them paired with some high quality headphones, It makes me want to stay in the fictional world!


I love the advancement in technology (well not every advancement) , From mobile phones to space travel, its exciting and amazing!