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Overview It's so good to be back, actually blogging, so a lot has changed, first, there aren't any more posts, I've spent a lot of time...

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[__cfduid] We use CloudFlare to help improve our user experience and by boosting Security, CloudFlare helps us ensure this site is always safe and secure and protected from Hackers.



[wordpress_test_cookie] This cookie tests for other cookies to see what the site should look like and if you have requested to be stay logged in, It automatically expires once you close the browser.

[wordpress_logged_in_{HASH}] Is set when you have requested to stay signed in, members who request this will only be able to stay logged in for 7 days before being requested to log back in.

[wordpress_sec_{HASH}] Checks to see if you are logged in.

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[gdpr%5Bprivacy_bar%5D] Allows us to remember your session choice so we don't keep prompting you to ask the question.

[gdpr[allowed_cookies]] Tells our website what Cookies you have said you are happy to use and what ones you don't want to use, No identifiable information is collected.

[gdpr[consent_types]] Remember the choice you made regarding our Privacy Policy.

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