It’s so good to be back, actually blogging, so a lot has changed, first, there aren’t any more posts, I’ve spent a lot of time under the hood working on making WordPress faster and more secure but I’ll tell you what I have done later!

This site will focus on 2 main categories and 1 “random” category where I just talk about anything! What are these categories you ask? well, there Games, Photography & Talks.

I felt the last time I wasn’t really focused on anything, the site as a whole was unorganised, and while I loved the original design it didn’t look how I imagined! but now I’m really happy with where it is heading!

Making WordPress Faster And More Secure

So I mentioned earlier about new under the hood improvements, I want to tell you whats been added, then any fellow bloggers or new Admins can do the same!

I’m using Redis to help with storing static HTML pages so they are delivered to you,  CloudFlare is used for Security to Stop DDoS attacks and help with traffic management and content distribution using CDN then for site backup and management, SEO, Security, Site Backups and Image Compression I’m using WPMUDev and lastly for user security for protecting accounts I have 2FA [2 Factor Authentication] so this site is now more secure than ever!

GDPR Compliant

So we’ve all got hundreds of emails about this, GDPR Legislation started on the 25th May, Now this is a small site but, anyone that registers is still free to see what data is held on them, they can request deletion or update data that they feel is incorrect, We are mainly doing this for the use of Cookies as all sites should be open about what information is collected and how it is used!


Mail Icon with a smile, Because we should be as happy as this!One thing I didn’t like with WordPress was the lack of customisation options regarding emails and for some reason with my current VPS Server emails were horribly slow and ended up just backing up, this is now fixed, Emails are almost instant and know later on in the future ill be pushing out a new design, something more pleasing and unique to me and this site!



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