Cities: Skyline is a game I have played for about 92 hours, Despite this, I’m always still learning, learning how to do things better and organise my city, I haven’t spent 92 hours in the same city as I usually get to about 60,000 Citizens and then delete my city because I could have started off better.

Cities: Skyline - Statue in my city

My recent city had a population of 60,000 citizens before I started again, mainly because the industrial area was too big and it was heavily polluted as it was such a big area.

Personally, I try and see how green I can make the city as I always use Solar Panels, make citizens drive in Electric cars or use their bicycle so traffic and noise pollution is kept to a minimum.

But my biggest issue with the traffic is if you aim to go green and use renewable resources such as tree logging, traffic is massively effected due to trucks importing and exporting goods, while this is great for the economy its terrible for your citizens who want to get to work or for the emergency services to their here job as they are stuck in traffic and cant reach their destination for a while.

The easiest outcome for this would be to zone-off areas of the city and ban commercial vehicles from entering I could have easily done that but because the new Park Life DLC has just come out I wanted the center of my city to be the main area for this new expansion.

Something like I’m currently doing now for my new city.

This is the National Park, Now if you have played Cities: Skylines before you’re aware there is a lot to manage, but now there is even more! [YAY].

The Park Life update added a lot of new things, Theme Parks, National Parks, Props, Zoos and more this is a paid DLC but you don’t need it, you’re not being locked out, it just adds more to do and allows you to really make your city stand out!

Its a fairly simple setup, Just Zone off areas you want for your Attraction and your aim is to get Tourists or Residents to visit, you can charge an entry fee into the park so you will be profiting to unlock more attractions for your park you’ll need to level it up by ensuring you get visitors in.

My City has somewhat seen a lot of changes, and more recently a devastating tsunami hit my city with a magnitude of 5.5, the scale on cities: Skyline goes up to 10, the 5.5 took out a 1/4 of the city and most of my farmland, luckily I had flood defense out, not that it did much use as it was a curb compared to the wave that was engulfing the city!

These screenshots are a mixture of two different cities, one of the photos the Tsunami has just hit land and is decimating the farmland district, Luckily no citizens were lost due to the Evacuation Shelters!

I’ll be restarting again, with a focus on the new DLC Park Life, I want to see if its possible to do a tourism city and no Industrial area, This might be a challenge but something I’m hoping will work!

I wouldn’t mind seeing other peoples cities with a population of 100,000 as I keep restarting mine so I don’t think I’ll see it anytime soon!

Anyway, heres another post you didnt ask for, enjoy!


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