Humble Bundle is well known to most gamers for its role in raising money for multiple charities, Its done so well it has raised over $128,000,000 and they just don’t stop.

when you purchase anything using the Humble Bundle scheme a percentage goes to charity and the remaining goes to the people who had made the game.

$128,000,000 has been raised.

It’s actually thanks to Gamers and of course, the people who founded Humble Bundle in the first place, now for people who aren’t 100% sure what I’m talking about, They originally started offering small Indie games for sale with the Moto “Pay what you want”.

An interesting fact is that the first Charity sale raised $117,000 by just word-of-mouth, it effectively took the gaming industry by storm and the biggest game developers are now helping raise money for charities.

The charity started in 2007 and each year that goes on they just add more things to encourage gamers to donate.

But this post is dedicated to one particular thing that Humble Bundle offers that is great for any type of Gamer, Its called Humble Monthly, By paying as little as $12 a month you can get the equivalent of $134 [Value Changes Per Month] worth of games.

And since there is no DRM or limitation on these, you can just stop and start when you like and the games are yours FOREVER.

I’ve been a subscriber on and off, but usually end up subscribing again because it really does offer value for money.

This is great for anyone who’s looking to get some more games but doesn’t have the budget of £30+ per game.

Last month I re-sub as I wanted to try Destiny 2 and to my surprise, the bundle also included Styx: Shards Of Darkness, If I had purchased Styx: Shards Of Darkness on its own it would have cost me £34.99 so for me this is a big saving already as I only paid $12 in total.

So if you are thinking about getting the Humble Monthly Subscription then I highly recommend that you do!





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