E3 is the best time in the gaming industry as it gives avid gamers an insight into what great and terrible games are to come, Heres my most anticipated E3 Announcements so far!

While browsing through the most recent E3 Announcements I couldn’t help but get excited about Prey and the new DLC that was announced, Mooncrash, New Game+ and Thypoon Hunter.

I pre-ordered Prey on release and wasn’t disappointed one bit and its a game I highly recommend anyone gets!

Next, we have Fallout 76, A new take on the Fallout Franchise as it offers a much larger open world and it’s now multiplayer which I’m excited for, Fallout 4 wasn’t amazing but it would have been so much better with a companion that isn’t a dog!

For me thought Fallout has a lot to prove, I felt the smaller details where missed and really did affect gameplay and just the general immersion.

then they announced Anthem, a game that has a lot of Hype and I really hope its as good as everyone says and according to EA, there isn’t going to be any Loot Boxes that will drastically alter gameplay for others, just cosmetics only so that’s a good thing, right?

The goodness doesn’t stop here, I’m a big fan of Hitman, however, I hated the way they released the latest instalment to the franchise, as on release you got one map, and each month they would release another map, I understand these maps had a lot todo but it felt horrible, it lead me to get a refund initially.

but once all the maps finally came out and it was on offer, so I grab the game again, I wasn’t disappointed I just didn’t like waiting for a game I’ve paid for!

and a final one I’m intrigued with is Mavericks: Proving Grounds, but wait for it, its another Battle Royale style game, not that we need another game in this insane craze, but we have it and well certainly goddam play it!

This one is a little different, it looks nice and its a 1000 player deathmatch, I’m actually excited to play it, I can’t wait to be the first person to die out of a thousand!

Anyway, these so far are my favourites, ill do a full post once E3 is over!


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