Prey is a game I love, One of few games that I don’t regret pre-ordering, I’ve completed already but just started a New Game+.

The thing is, I’m still finding new areas, paying even more attention to the finer details.

Prey - Projects List on Whiteboard.

for example, as you wander around TranStar, the once bustling space station you really get a feeling that a lot went on here before the big outbreak, Despite playing this before I didn’t pay much attention to smaller things as I spent more time hiding than looking!

So the above screenshot is what one of the Divisions was working on, Its a timetable of weapons and the completion dates, You can actually get these weapons, this isn’t some pointless aesthetic added to the game to make it more immersive its a great checklist to help you on your battle.

So just going by this whiteboard we see a name on top “Jorgen Thorstein” the Project Manager, maybe, So as I turn around next to the desk we can see where he worked.

Prey - Computer Screen

and we can even go on the assumption that the outbreak started on the 23rd of February,  some of the computers will have side quests, hints or tips into the real issue at Talos I.

For instance, Staff were smuggling TranStar products off the ship to profit or help their family with medical issues, some complained about not being paid enough, all very real and relatable issues in the real world.

Prey - Childs Drawing

Then we have a drawing, by what could be a child who is still on Earth, This is just one member of the TranStar Team, there is about 200 Staff working on ground break scientific achievements.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe Mr Thorstein made it off the Space Station alive, or as himself.

But on the case of depressing matters, let’s talk about the Yu family, you play as Morgon Yu, you can either be the Son or Daughter in this one.

As for this playthrough I’m playing as a Female [Last play through was Male], we see ourselves in this photo, the 3rd one on the right.

Prey - Yu Family Photo

The Elderly ones are our parents, currently not much is known so far about them [I haven’t found much yet] but from Wikia, we have Catherine Yu [Left], Alex Yu [Middle], Morgan Yu [Right] and William Yu [Right bottom].

The directors of TranStar, The family is somewhat a horrible one, money and their own reputation is all they care about, When it comes to each other, Its somewhat sceptical.

Now this is just a small percentage [like 00.00000000001%] of the story and there are so many hidden things to find, quests to do, people to save [or kill, your choice].

but there is still some more I want to share. [Lucky you]

From sound effects to the enemies, everything looks great on Prey, While the game has been out for a year this is a game that I believe has a lot of replayability as the missions can be completed in various ways with added challenges.

More recently the Prey: Mooncrash DLC was released and it add’s a whole new way to play, it’s more of a challenge mode but it looks like great fun, I’ve been trying to keep away from the videos until I purchase the DLC for myself as I don’t like spoilers!

But until then, alas this is the end of this post, I just wanted to give people a slight insight into the game and should you be looking to buy it, I’d recommend it!

Now a tiny bit of History about TranStar.

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“TranStar was founded in 2025. In that same year, the corporation purchased and privatized the Kletka space station and, by 2030, refitted it as Talos I.

Most of the company board of directors has taken measures to be anonymous, with rumours circulating that some members are over one hundred years old thanks to technology like neuromods. However, two of the board members are publicly known – William and Catherine Yu – who serve as the face of the company.”Wikia



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