So about a week ago I purchased the Saitek x52 Flight Control System for Elite Dangerous, Thought its time I did a small review on my experience so far.

As I was using this exclusively for Elite Dangerous game I couldn’t justify the price for the Saitek x56 Pro Rhino [Mainly couldn’t afford it but definitely wanted it!] so I just opted for the x52.

From the first time I used it everything came naturally and using it for Elite Dangerous was the best combination ever, Previously using mouse and keyboard it’s so much easier and a lot more fun to use.

The Joy Stick is great, responsive and accurate, no squicking or alignment issues, my biggest and the only issue is with the “Multi-Function Display”, It’s actually more of a bug, however, can be a pain if you are playing a game with complex and need a quick reminder on what mode you are on, the LED doesn’t come on when you boot up the computer.

This is easily fixed by going to the control panel and slightly adjusting the brightness, however that said, so far there hasn’t been any fundamental issues.

The Software for Key-Mapping isn’t the best [UI wise], but it works and allows you to change 90% of the keys to whatever you want with the option for complex Macro Mapping.

For Elite Dangerous I just downloaded a profile that was made available on GitHub it’s highly recommended that you use the link provided as it will mean you won’t even have to touch your keyboard once while playing as everything is mapped perfectly.

If you are looking for your first Flight Control System then I would highly recommend picking this up as it really is great, While I’ve mentioned Elite Dangerous as a game that supports the Flight Control System, however, there are a nice list of other games that are officially supported;

FSX – Flight Simulator X (PC only)
X-Plane 11 (PC and Mac)
Prepar3D 2.2 (PC only)
DCS World
IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad
War Thunder
World of Warplanes
Star Citizen

While they list these any Flight Sim will work, in fact, due to key-binding any game can be played but compatibility of the axis might be questionable.

My biggest suggestion is the software, It would be nice for the profile to automatically change the game you are playing without having to switch manually.

On a whole, if you are looking for a Flight Control System, this is definitely the one.


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