Totally Accurate Battlegrounds has been out for 2 days, here’s the good and the bad!

When first launching TAB, you are greeted with your floppy durpy character and some dramatic background scenes, you also get instant access to character customisation somewhat limited be just enough to make yourself look even more ridiculous that you currently look!

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds - Main Menu

once you have managed to get that sleek new look you have always wanted head over to the “Shooting Range” to see what mayhem you can cause.

I’m really impressed with the array of weapons, some of them are really fascinating and creative, The guns are well-known ones and well-loved in many games my two personal favourites are the P90 and the SCAR.

But the best part about the weapon arsenal is the grenades, some of them are just genius.

The Arrow grenade and smoke grenades are really fun, the smoke grenade is well, just really smokey, but could be in a game changer when faced with bloopy doopy enemies aiming at you.

The Raining down of Arrows is a really creative one and reminds me of a film that I have actually completely forgotten but will link when it comes to mind.

Now, let’s talk about-about the online matches, as you ride in Cluster Truck style you are preparing for your biggest froogly battle yet, you need to select your jump destination, well, you actually fly like a un-experienced superman into the world with unknown bounty awaiting.

The landscape you explore is actually fairly big, you have small villages, some mashup village where buildings are on their sides or roofs, docks, helicopters, cars and more.

However, all isn’t good, the issues with this game are currently being ironed out as I write this I wanted to share them anyway.

The Server connection process was terrible, but this wasn’t 100% Landfall Games fault, as they had no idea how truly popular this game would be on its first initial launch, but within 24 hours they had a patch that would fix the server issues as well as adding a few more to help even the load.

Now I no longer struggle to get a match and halfway through there is not disconnection and because of that, I can tell you about the stone wall that will slowly guide you to the centre, it’s a great way to get people in and a great sight to see pillars sent from God.

the shooting much to my surprise is really well and there is bullet drop, each weapon has it own subtle difference, the sniper will push you back due to the extreme amount of recoil it has.

The only issue is optimisations, when wondering the land you are perfectly fine, however, entering a village and your performance will drop by well over half making it very difficult to play.

But the real question is, should you download it, should you spend time on it, well, right now yes, its free so why not, I’d estimate this game to be about £10 – £15.

Not only that they are tirelessly working on making it better, more stable and feature packed.

So I highly recommend Totally Accurate Battlegrounds as the issues I have mentioned will be fixed extremely quick!

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Trailer

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