Stock photos are great for everyone, there used for Blogging, Advertisements, and Wallpapers for Phones or Tablets, I use Pexels for uploading my own photos but I wanted to share my appreciation for some of the Best Stock Photos on Pexels!

Matheus Bertelli

Matheus Bertelli focuses more on modeling photos [about 95% are modeling photos], and they are stunning he has managed to capture the light perfectly, the DOF helps so much bring the photos together and are just great photos all around.


Krivec Ales

Krivec Ales has taken stunning Landscape photos, My personal type of favorite photography, I really wish I could go to some of these locations and take my own photos, but luckily I can just be amazed at these ones!


Jessica Lewis

Jessica Lewis had taken a lot of photos, some of them remind me of Corporate photos or nice general featured photos for a blog.


Ylanite Koppens

Ylanite Koppens has some really nice and unique photos, I can see a lot of these being used in Blog posts!


I could keep going but there are just so many nice photos that are completely free, you’ll be better checking them out on

I upload on a rare occasion I use my camera, I keep telling myself I need to get out and use it more, I really do! the last time I used it was in Edinburgh when I purchased the Gobe 10 Stop ND filter which I did a quick review on.

I recommend this site to anyone, its quick, easy and free!



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