Thought I’d do a little review for anyone looking for the Gobe 10 Stop ND Filter, I bought one from Gobe on Amazon.

The only reason I got this lens was when I was heading to Edinburgh for a few days I want to give a long exposure a shot as I really like the silky look on the water, admittedly I didn’t use it enough but at least I have a genuine example!

Photo Taken with a Gobe 10 Stop ND Filter, In Edinburgh, Cramond Island
Gobe 10 Stop ND Filter taken with Sony a68 in Edinburgh

The Gobe 10 Stop ND filter will cost you from £19.60 to £54.70 depending on the size you want, I purchased the 49mm one for £22.90 and I have to say I’m not disappointed, the filter is metal and glass, so it’s not a cheap feel.

When using it I didn’t notice any sort of distortion or discoloring on the edges, The only thing I did with the above photo was up the brightness and vibrancy and that’s that, as you can see it’s not very straight but I wanted to show you a photo that hasn’t been heavily edited.

So what do you actually get for the price? Good question, It comes with a case that has foam protection for transporting the lens and ensuring that it doesn’t get damaged in transit along with a lens wipe.

I actually don’t have a bad point about this, the package was great, build quality is great and with no noticeable distortion I have yet to see a fault with this product and even the price point is great, There are many different types of ND Filters but if you are just starting out then this is the one you want to buy.

Before buying just make sure you check what the size of your lens is to ensure you’re not disappointed by ordering the wrong size.

The only thing you really need to be careful of when attaching it to the lens is that you don’t over tighten it and that you don’t mess up the threading on the lens as my lens is plastic yet the filter is metal.

But apart from that if you are looking to buy one, you won’t be disappointed.




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