1Password is my go-to Password Management App, I have been a devoted fan for about 2/3 Years now and with the rise in websites being hacked, it’s more important than ever to use a complex password.

With most websites, these days you have to enter a Lower Case, Upper Case, Symbol, Number and it has to be a minimum length of 9 characters [Various considerably from website toowebsite].

Writing them down would be an easy solution but that means if found anyone can read it, or you could lose it!

1Password will keep a secure digital vault that ensures you only have to remember one password.

Now it might seem like a lot to manage but you have to do very little. so once the simple installation is in you are greeted with a login for your “Master Password”. once you have logged in to your vault managing already saved passwords are easy!

The best part is 1Password supports 2FA [2 Factor Authentication] and alerts you to any site you have an account with that it has been reported for a data breach allowing you to change the password.

With a Password Management app you’re meant to you a complex password instead of “Password123” you can get the app to generate a random string of text so it would look something like this.

Now you’re probably thinking how are you meant to remember that? well, simple, your not, the better and harder the password is to remember the harder and longer it will take someone else to try and figure it out.

1Password is available for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS, I’d personally like to see support for Linux but at the moment Linux is a grey area for most people!

Not only does 1Password app allow you to have more secure passwords without having to remember them it also allows for secure notes, Membership Details, Bank Card Details, Drivers License Info and many many more!

but these aren’t even the best features, “Watch Tower” is a feature I can’t live without.

Watch Tower looks out for you, thanks to haveibeenpwned.com and the integration 1Password has provided you can stay up to date on all of the sites you are a member of and keep your passwords protected.

The risk of losing your password could cost you a lot, depending on the service it might expose your Credit Card details, your address or your Identity these are things you trust a site to keep protected, but unfortunately hackers will always find a workaround into breaching security so its best to use a different password for every site and let 1Password do all of the work in remembering it.

You could be thinking, why trust anyone with your passwords? well, AgileBytes the people behind 1Password have no way to access your passwords due to the security they use in protecting and encrypting it is impossible to access without a specific code.

so your passwords are kept safe from everyone, now let’s talk about pricing.

Originally it would cost you £60+ for the 1Password license, now they have changed to a monthly subscription of $2.99 [£2.24] I personally think this is a better option, it’s less expensive and with the subscription option, you always get the latest updates no matter what.

If you’re not sure about the commitment of paying they offer a 1-month free trial so you can truly make your mind up, The reason for Password Management apps is due to the amount of data breaches there has been online, you should see if you have been affected by checking out haveibeenpwned.com

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