As I write this I’m thinking, Is it possible, Can you be happy in your job?, now I’m currently working in Hospitality, not really the most wonderful career choice, I’d personally love to be blogging a lot more and have a part-time job.

But this is more of a passionate hobby of mine, Tinkering and managing websites is what I enjoy, I can spend hours on the admin side of things trying to add improvements and this is a VPS I get that bit more control over things with server permissions so I can add optimisations such as Redis to help with page caching or try other interesting things.

But my full-time job in Hospitality has lasted me 5 years, maybe a little more, don’t get me wrong I really did enjoy it, but right now it’s just a grind.

Working nights was great at the start but then you start to miss the things, like daylight, seeing the sun actually makes me happy because I only get to see it for about 5 hours a day.

Then you have human interaction, almost none existent, I see staff for about an hour, or 15 minutes, depends on the day.

Then its days off, the first day off I can either sleep till like 13:00 so I’m somewhat not tired or sleep till 15:00 and then I don’t sleep at night, if I don’t go to sleep, well, then I’m too tired to do anything throughout the day.

Then we have the days off, I don’t think I’ve had a single weekend off in about 3 years, as currently, my days off are mid-week, that wouldn’t be a massive issue but they never rotate!

So as of writing this, I’m currently looking to get into Administration or Marketing, but wait, there’s more before I can get into Admin or Marketing, I NEED PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE, how would one get this if all jobs require previous experience.

Marketing I can kinda understand, but it’s not like I’m applying for Managers or Supervisors job in this career field, I understand i’ll have to work back up to a Manager or Supervisor, but the worst one I have seen in the job advertising is Marketing Apprentice Required, but they must have previous experience.

How does that even work, I thought the idea of an Apprentice was that they had no experience but were will to take a lower paycheck as it benefits that person a lot in the future.

Now in the last month, I have been offered an Interview for a Events company, which is great, it generally makes me happy to know someone actually likes my CV or at least things my experience is in line with what the company requires.

I would of 100% committed to that interview, had it not been 130 miles away, I’m kinda gutted about that. but hey, I’ll take it as a compliment anyway and hope they find someone closer!

I just want a job with a tiny sense of achievement, like I made a difference, where I can leave my mark on it and where a team effort or solo effort feels like I’ve just done something great.

Now while I’ve just rambled off topic [kinda], The question remains, Can you be happy in your job?

I think you can, but being happy is not just a one-man [or Woman] mission, It requires you to be in a job you like, but if that’s not 100% possible then it’s the people you work with and how your Supervisors & Managers treat everyone.

Because at the end of the day we all require emotions and if someone is being a jerk or giving you unreasonable expectations that cause stress, you won’t be happy if fact it could mean you resent going to work and won’t perform as well until your fully over the stupid requirements that have been set.

Another thing that really kills the jobs enjoyment is how your treat and the facilities that are offered to staff, luckily, at the place I’m working a fairly nice staff room is provided, despite never using it, it’s nice that it’s there!

Lastly, we have staff benefits, One thing I have to say RBH/IHG are doing really well in is how they give 100’s of discounts to staff and they have a huge rewards scheme, Not a companies do, If fact you get nothing.

But in the end, While Employee benefits are great and having a staff room is nice when you’re on a break, it comes down to [for me atleast] the sense of personal achievement that you have just done something right and the hard work has paid off.

So “Can you be happy in your job?” is a tough one, for me, right now, no, But we should never give up and should always follow and try new things, but then trying to find the career your happy with is hard as previous experience is usually plastered throughout most job ad’s.

The only suggestion is to tailor your CV to make it more appropriate to that job, you don’t have to follow the standard CV look, just ensure its easy to read and the information is clear.

Anyway, this was pretty much a rant, If anyone found this even remotely useful, I’m glad, and if you want something else to read, Try This, or This, or maybe This.


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